Get an Alert when appointment is available at your pincode or District.

We support separate alerts for 18-44 and 45+ age group. You can create alerts for a 'Pincode' or a 'District'. We check for open slots periodically and will notify you when your alerts are triggered.

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We now support 45+ age group alerts too. You can create separate alerts for 45+ age group.

Due to many sign-ups, we will be auto pausing the alerts after 5 trigger, Use the "Existing Alerts" tab to Delete/Pause an Alert. Also, Acknowledge the mails by marking them as "important", else your mail provider will mark them as spam.

Your Existing Appointments

Your Alerts will be auto paused once triggered five times, You can enable them again from here.

Below table is horizontal scrollable. Please scroll to the right if Active/Paused/Delete button are not visible.
Email Age Group District Pincode Active Action